Case studies

A study in pink!

This project had a very clear design style but also allowed for the large space to have a safe area, padded furniture, a completely padded floor and a radiator cabinet. It also incorporated the use of an overhead tracking system that Carebase also installed, along with a cot and accessible bathroom area.

Roomshot showing safe are and overhead hoist
Safe furniture
Lockable stable door
Access for overhead track system

A ultra safe space

This project required a very safe area and the whole room and all the items of furniture and any items that protruded into the space were padded. The colour scheme was more muted as part of the move towards reducing the level of challenging behaviour. The window area was considered a particularly high risk area and therefore was completely protected and a lock system introduced. The radiator cabinet was chamfered to remove any ledge that might be used for climbing. A full floor cover was installed over the padded floor sections for ease of cleaning and hygiene reasons.

Protected window
Full upholstered edges to prevent gaps
Access point for panels
Chamfered edge
Removable, washable floor covering